Three Flower Arranging Tips To Brighten Up Your Home

Bringing some of the outdoors in the form of floral arrangements can turn a dull and dank environment into a bright and inviting home. Flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing but can also add a wonderful scent or fragrance into all areas of your home.

These three tips will help you find your preferred flower arranging techniques, where best to place your bouquets and different flower arranging techniques that you can try out in your home. And remember, there is a great article on interior design principles if you get stuck!

1. Flower Holders

Plain old, glass flower vases are great for arranging different types of flowers in different ways. However, introducing new and interesting flower holders can turn an ordinary arrangement into something special.

So think out of the box. Use water jugs or pitchers, metal buckets or wooden boxes to arrange flowers in new and interesting ways. You can also use different techniques to change the look of your boring old vases.

Tie a colorful ribbon around the center or top of your vase. Add some bling or jewelry to the outside. Raffia is great for creating a traditional country look. Put a couple of drops of food coloring in clear glass vases and finish the look with some pebbles, beads or even crumpled plastic sheets in the water.

Food coloring will not only brighten up your vase but will also change the look of your flowers. Watch the flowers soak up your desired colored water and see the petals change hue.

The size of the flower holder relative to the flowers that will be placed in it is important. Make sure that at least 1/3 of the flower stem is above the height of the vase. This will help balance the vase (so that it won’t topple) and will ensure that the flowers aren’t crowded by the vase. For flower pots and boxes, much less of the stems should be visible.

2. The Placement

Flowers are best placed in areas or on surfaces that will allow them to be at eye or shoulder level when entering a room. In rooms where people are seated, the flowers will be most attractive at the eye or shoulder level of a seated person.

If you are bringing in flowers for a specific occasion such as dinner or tea party, make sure that the arrangement is not too bulky or large that it interferes with eye contact and conversation. Flower arrangements for social events are always best placed below shoulder level or above head height.

You can place flowers in every room in your house. However, make sure that the arrangement suits the size of the space that it will accommodate. For example, smaller rooms or bathrooms are more suited to a single stem in a vase or even pretty glass rather than large bouquets with multiple flowers. Arrangements in larger living areas will be more effective if they contain multiple blooms or different types of flowers in one bouquet.

3. The Arrangement

Flower arranging is an art form that any person can learn and is highly individual in preference. Joanna from Wild Rose Florist suggests you can opt for the more traditional arrangements that include multiple types of flowers, foliage and fillers arranged in a green oasis and shaped as desired. Alternatively, you can opt for the modern look of simply placing a few stems of one specific flower loosely in an attractive vase. If you want you can visit Joanna’s site and see the beautiful signature arrangements she does at – she is a true artisan.

Make sure that you have enough flowers so that the arrangement does not look sparse. If you find that your vase is too wide, get some foliage (green leaves, stems, ferns, etc.) to place between the flowers. Make sure that your foliage does’t overwhelm your flowers and cut them a couple of millimeters shorter than the bloom.

At the same time, it is important not to force the flowers into a vase too closely together. This will squash the stems and cause the flowers to wilt and die quickly. If you want a structured look, rather buy a flower arranging oasis into which you can stick the stems cut at different lengths.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flower arranging techniques and methods. Look in magazines and online for new ideas so that your flowers always look amazing and beautify your home.

Wooden Floor Refinishing Can Give Your Home a New Look

Wooden floors that have been in use for some length of time will start showing signs of fading and will not look new. Constant cleaning and waxing do not have them looking as great as they used to. It is the time when you need to think of refinishing the floor so that you can have the floor looking as it did when it was first installed. Here are some answers to FAQ we thought would be helpful.

Hardwood floors can be refinished, but you must make sure that it is the right course of treatment. This process will increase the value of your home, but may always not be necessary. Floors that are lightly scratched and looking dull can always have their appearance improved by just putting on a new top coat to give them a finished look. Where many floorboards need replacing, especially if they are warped, sag, or become soft and spongy, floor refinishing is not the solution. You will have to consider the rather costly alternative of replacing the entire floor.

When you find that your floor has a lot of scratches and other unevenness, then floor refinishing may be the right treatment for it. Make sure that you floor has not been refinished before, because every time it has gone through that process, it will have lost a little bit of its thickness, as floor sanding done during the refinishing exercise will have taken way part of the wood. You should not come to a situation where you will have a refinished floor, but one that is weak and likely to crack because it does not have thickness need to take the loads it is meant to carry. Checking the edges will give you an idea of the depth that the floor still has. Do this in areas that see a lot of traffic and are more prone to getting worn out.

Once you have decided that you are going to refinish your wooden floor, you would do well to examine your floor in detail and see that gaps, if any, are filled up. Winter is the best time to do this, as during summer wood will expand and fill up the gaps. You can get some ideas on how to do this on You will need to remove all furniture before you carry out such inspection and also ensure that you have sufficient light to allow you to spot any defects. Make all the necessary repairs, and ensure that there are no loose boards, protruding nails or screws. Run your hand over the surfaces as this will easily allow you to spot any problems.

You must have the right floor sander to take up the next step in renovating the looks of your timber floor. These machines will have sanders that rotate and have sanding discs that are always touching the floor. These machines can be hired, in case you are planning on DIY You must remember that they are powerful machines and if wrongly used can damage a floor. The sander must be started and gradually lowered onto the floor. Care must be taken to see that the sander is never at the same spot as this can cause it to leave grooves on the floor. Make sure that you have removed all the top coats of finish that you will have laid on your floor. It is only then that you will reach the actual wood surface that needs refinishing. Start your work from a corner of the room and make sure that you are covering every area of the floor. Keep the sander moving at all times and make sure that you are working with the grain of the wood. You will also need an edger to do the perimeter of the room. Ensure that you change the sand paper to fine grades till you get the desired finish.

Timber floor sanding and polishing are not completed unless you fill up all the imperfections and scratches on the wooden surface with a proper wood filler. Your floor is now ready for the final staining if desired, or polishing to give it the new look once again. Allow all coats of stain or polish to dry before you put on an additional coat or enable the floor to be used.


The use of natural stones in building has been for ages and has been growing since then. No two stones look alike. The best natural stone is in Turkey and it has a very rich heritage of using natural stone. It is the beauty of natural stones that it is being used in a variety of ways such as kitchen tops, bedroom and dining room floorings, kitchen tiles and also for the wash room. As stone is the pride of Mother Nature it is found in abundance in various hues and texture. Natural stone comes from the earth hence there is a wild variation in colors and quality.

  • Granite

Granite is a strong and durable stone. It is available in a variety of finishes such as sating, honed and polished. Granite is often used in kitchen tables, flooring and   walls.

  • Slate

Slate   is a fine grained metamorphic stone used for over a thousand years. Slate is formed by the compression of clay and is often used in residential and commercial projects. Once slate is cleaved into sheets it is easy to turn it into tile.

  • Travertine

Travertine is often sold as marble or limestone even though it is neither of them .It is a sedimentary rock containing calcite. It offers great warmth compared to any other stone. Many people do say that travertine is a very fragile material and could break easily but an outstanding example of its durability is the Trevi Fountain in Rome which was built out of travertine and has been standing for over three hundred years. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns. It is mostly used in corridors, living areas kitchen and baths.

  • Marble

Marble is harder and more resilient than travertine but requires more attention than travertine. Even though it is not scratch proof and staining it still has character .Marble is best when it has a honed finish. Marble comes in different colors, patterns. It absorbs water so it is better not to use it outside. . It is mostly used in corridors, living areas kitchen and baths.

  • Tiles

Natural stone tiles are synonymous with nature. It is the most suitable material as it gives stability and durability. Tiles are the most common and natural choice for floors and walls. Tiles are adjustable for any space one can think of. As it can be easily cut as per needs it becomes very useful in planning or designing a particular bathroom, living room or even walls.

Nowadays a new concept has been introduced in the field of metal in tile decoration. These are known as third firing tiles which can be decorated using different techniques. Such as :

  1. Printing directly over tiles.
  2. Printing directly over vercossaa
  3. Printing directly over relief printing powder
  4. Brush application
  5. Spray application

Hence tiles can replicate area with its vast array of design and color thus adding style and grace to ones’ room.